We happily announce our new class Facebook group: 1-9-7-8 Wellesley RAH! Think of it as a place to 'hang out' with classmates who can (sometimes) crack you up in fits of silliness interspersed with periods of seriousness. Also, we will post Information regarding upcoming class of 1978 mini-reunions and, gulp, our 40th Reunion in May 2018 as the information becomes available.
Please join us and spread the word to our classmates. 
Two ways to join:
1. Find the Facebook address:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1978WellesleyRAH/ and then request membership by clicking on + Join.  
2. Send one of us a membership request with your email address and and we’ll have Facebook send you a “Friend Request”.
This group is closed, so members must be approved by one of the administrators (Michelle Davis Petelinz, Lindsay Roberts, Melinda Reingold…).
Special thanks to Michelle Davis Petelinz, who designed and launched this new Facebook page for our class.